We want to help you get connected in places where you can grow in your faith, serve others, and find community. Here at Turning Point, we encourage you to join a Sunday School class or a Life Group. Any day of the week, we’ve got you covered!
Life Groups
During the week, we offer a number of life groups for all ages and stages of life. We want you to find community and know that God is doing great things across our city as we meet throughout the week. 
We’d love to get you in contact with the leaders of each group to learn more about their community. Our life groups are guilt free, so don’t be afraid to try out a group or so to find the best fit for you. Contact us to get connected; we know there’s a place for you! 
Sundays 6:00 PM
Roger and Sara Unruh lifegroup.  Contact the Unruhs for location. No childcare provided.
Edgar Hinojos lifegroup.
Maxine Neufeld & The Longs lifegroup. Maxine hosts the group at her home and Steve and Patricia Long facilitate the discussion. Childcare is not provided. 
John and Stacy Geil meet with their group in Classroom 205 on Sunday evenings, from 6:00-7:30pm. Their motto is “When life
happens, my anchor holds in Jesus.” They want to connect with others who feel that in all life’s circumstances, our anchor holds firm if it is in Jesus. Participants are responsible for their own childcare.
Wednesdays 7:00 PM   
Cassie Curl leads a group for recent high school graduates and those in their twenties. The group meets at Turning Point Church. 
Thursdays 7:00 PM   
Young adult group led by Claudia Spectenhauser and Matt Fields. Childcare is provided. 
Fridays 7:00 PM   
Andrew Carlson lifegroup. Meets in classroom 205 at Turning Point Church. Childcare is provided. 
Sunday School
On Sundays, a number of adult Sunday School classes gather to get deeper into scripture and build connections to others within the church. All classes meet before the Sunday service at 9:30 AM at Turning Point Church of the Nazarene. Classes will be over with plenty of time to freshen that cup of coffee and grab a seat in the sanctuary before the service begins at 10:30 AM! 
“Experiencing God”
Don Linville
God is inviting you into an intimate love relationship through which he reveals to you His will, His ways and His work. Learn to discern when God is speaking to you.
“Holiness Today”
Stan Kennedy
Holiness Today is a Nazarene publication with studies taken from Scripture.  It provides real life testimonies, coupled with Scripture, and gives examples of how God has brought people through trials and tribulations.  It demonstrates that God is working for our good in this fallen world.  It provides Scripture that give us models and prescriptions for appropriate behavior.
“When the Enemy Strikes” 
Jeff Crist

The keys to winning your spiritual battles. Fear, discouragement, loneliness, anger, temptation. These struggles are common to every human. Yet not all circumstances or negative emotions originate within. They could be the result of a willful, coordinated assault of Satan. This is a world of conflict between good and evil, of powers beyond the merely human. The battle is unavoidable but take heart! God has given you the strength to stand.

“Nazarene Essentials”
Pastor Nathan Haeck
Nazarene Essentials: Who We Are, What We Believe explains why the Church of the Nazarene exists as a worldwide Holiness and Great Commission movement in the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition. For clergy and laity, Nazarene Essentials offers a way to better understand the church’s purpose of spreading scriptural holiness and its mission to make Christlike disciples in the nations.
The New Testament, Bible
Roger Unruh
The Four Gospels, History of the Study of the Gospels, The Life of Paul, and The Gospel to the Nations. Understand the historical events that led up to the Jewish messianic expectations in the first century. Understand some of the customs and practices of first-century Jews. Be able to use this historical, social, and religious data as a basis for interpreting the New