Adult Connect Groups

Adult Sunday School Discipleship Classes December through February

We encourage you to prayerfully search for the one that speaks to your heart and join us!  We look forward to seeing you at 9:30 am on Sunday as we grow together in God’s Word.
Sarah Harris

“Believe” by Randy Frazee

What you believe in your heart will define who you become. God wants you to become like Jesus – it is the most truthful and powerful way to live – and the journey to becoming like Jesus begins by thinking like Jesus. When you study the life of Jesus you will notice a distinct pattern: Jesus faithfully lived in a purposeful way. Jesus compared the Christian life to a vine. He is the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in the vine of Christ, over time you will produce amazing and scrumptious fruit at the end of your branches for all to see and taste. You become like Jesus.
Stan Kennedy

“Our Heritage”

We often think about the message of the prophets as words of doom and gloom. However, their words spoke of the good news of God, which included the One who would come to make  reconciliation between God and humankind possible—Jesus, the Messiah.
Unit 1: examines how the prophets pointed to Jesus
Unit 2: explores the good news shared by the prophets.
Roger Unruh

“Spiritual Formation”

Do you long to be closer to God? The half brother of Jesus wrote “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you…” (James 4:8a). Come and be part of a group seeking to position themselves in a place that invites God’s transformation. The Spiritual Formation Sunday School Class is at 9:30 am. Please join us then or this class can also be completed on your own with a mentor; contact Roger Unruh @ (620) 260-5252.
Jeff Crist

Advancing Through Adversity”

by Charles Stanley


            God has a plan and a purpose for each of us, and He can turn things to good regardless of the situation we face. These two key principles–rooted in Scripture and evidenced in the lives of Christians throughout the ages–should color the lenses through which all followers of Christ view adversity. In Advancing Through Adversity, Dr. Charles Stanley provides a new perspective on the trials we face, revealing what questions to ask and what lessons can be learned from such times. Understanding God’s role and bolster-ing our courage can help us advance through adversity rather than be overcome by it.