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Sarah Harris

“You Are Never Alone” by Max Lucado                    

When life feels depleted, does God care? I’m facing an onslaught of challenges, will God help? When life grows dark and stormy, does God notice? I’m facing the fear of death, will God help me? The answer in the life-giving miracles in the Gospel of John is a resounding yes.In You Are Never Alone, Max will help you: 1.) Realize that Jesus is walking with you and lifting you out of your storms. 2.) Dwell in the grace of the cross, the miracle of the empty tomb, and the assurance of restoration power. 3.) Believe that God is your ever-present source of help. 4.) Recognize that you are never without hope or strength because you are never, ever, alone. Today, take courage that you are stronger than you think because God is nearer than you know.

Sam Kennedy

“Our Heritage”                                                                   
During this study we will look at Paul’s letter to the church at Rome and gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which holiness of heart and life is the goal for every believer.

Romans: Paul’s letter to the Romans provides a clear and systematic understanding of Christian doctrine—-giving interpretation to the meaning of Christ’s life and death. During this study, we will see the ways in which holiness of heart and life is the goal for every believer.

Pastor Nathan Haeck
“Nazarene Essentials”                            
A new generation of spiritual leaders and an increasing body of believers have requested that basics of the church’s teaching, history, theology, mission, funding, and connections be placed in a brief and easily accessible publication—in plain language.

Nazarene Essentials: Who We Are, What We Believe explains why the Church of the Nazarene exists as a worldwide Holiness and Great Commission movement in the Wesleyan-Arminiantradition. For clergy and laity, Nazarene Essentials offers a way to better understand the church’s purpose of spreading scriptural holiness and its mission to make Christ like disciples in the nations.

Roger Unruh

“Spiritual Formation”                                                                             There are many different churches. Why is the Nazarene Church necessary? What makes us different than other churches? The simple answer is what it means to be set apart. Come with us through the formation of the Nazarene belief system from February through April at 9:30am on Sundays. Bring your Bible. 


Jeff Crisr

“Life Lessons from Romans” by Max Lucado

Lucado explores Paul’s letter to the Romans and the wrong turns the Church was
making. Paul was showing them the one correct solution to help them stop making wrong
choices – Jesus Christ.
Key Themes:
• All people are in need of a relationship with God
• God has prepared for that relationship through his own sacrifice
• Faith is the requirement of that relationship
• Forgiveness is available from God for anyone