Adult Connect Groups


Don Linville

Book Study: “Suit Up”
Facilitator: Don Linville

Putting on the Full Armor of God. Today, it’s a dangerous world for anyone seriously trying to live for God. As Paul says, “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12 b). Chapters include: Be Prepared, The Real Enemy, The Utility Belt of Truth, The “Lorica” of Right Living, Walking on the Road to Peace,  Delivered by the Helmet and Sword, Prayer on Active Duty

Stan Kennedy

Book Study: “Holiness Today”
Facilitator: Stan Kennedy

Holiness Today is a Nazarene publication with studies taken from Scripture. It provides real life testimonies, coupled with Scripture, and gives examples of how God has brought people through trials and tribulations. It demonstrates that God is working for our good in this fallen world. It provides Scripture that give us models and prescriptions for appropriate behavior.

Pastor Nathan Haeck
Book Study: “Nazarene Essentials”
Faciliator: Pastor Nathan 
A new generation of spiritual leaders and an increasing body of believers have requested that basics of the church’s teaching, history, theology, mission, funding, and connections be placed in a brief and easily accessible publication—in plain language.


Nazarene Essentials: Who We Are, What We Believe explains why the Church of the Nazarene exists as a worldwide Holiness and Great Commission movement in the Wesleyan-Arminiantradition. For clergy and laity, Nazarene Essentials offers a way to better understand the church’s purpose of spreading scriptural holiness and its mission to make Christ like disciples in the nations.

Roger Unruh

Book Study: “The New Testament, Bible”
Facilitator: Roger Unruh  

Gain knowledge through studying the New Testament; The Life and Teachings of Jesus, The Four Gospels, History of the Study of the Gospels, The Life of Paul, and The Gospel to the Nations. Understand the historical events that led up to the Jewish messianic expectations in the first century. Understand some of the customs and practices of first-century Jews. Be able to use this historical, social, and religious data as a basis for interpreting the New Testament.


Jeff Crisr

Book Study: “Walking Wisely”
Facilitator: Jeff Crist

There are only two ways to walk in this life- wisely or unwisely. There are only two types of choices- wise or unwise. Throughout the Scriptures, God admonishes His people to walk wisely. Chapters include but not limited to: Wisdom in Choosing Friends and Business Associates, Wisdom for Building Deep, Lasting, Godly Friendships, Wisdom for Healing a Damaged Relationship, Wisdom in Time of Conflict and Criticism.